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Respect is its own reward.

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"We think that big green moving hung the moon -- and doubtleses did so after moving it in a big green truck. Brendan, Rob and Company moved us from Capitol Hill to Logan Circle efficiently, safely and at a very reasonable price. When we asked them to do more work than called for in the original estimate, they didn´t take the opportunity to price-gouge us but gave us a completely fair price for the extra work. Then they came back two weeks later to hoist a 300-pound armoire through a window eight feet above the ground, a job that the big-name mover who´d shipped the item refused to take on. big green moving obviously enjoyed the challenge and didn´t complain about having to meet it during the monsoon of June 2006. From first to last they were great, and we´re tempted to move again just be able to work with them again."
Jon Y. and Marie A., Washington, DC

"Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job your movers did today. I don´t know if it is part of your business plan to hire friendly, generous movers, but it certainly can´t hurt! They were all great, and it made everything feel really easy. Thanks so much."
Jennifer, Washington, DC

"I contacted big green moving to help my small non-profit agency move from a three story townhouse to a second story office suite across town. It was a lot of steps and a lot of big furniture - but not one complaint. They were friendly, courteous, and just as excited about our new office space as we were. I liked the company and the guys so much, my roommate and I hired them again a month later to move us into another house in DC. Not sure where my next move will be, but I do know who my next movers are."
Dop, Washington, DC

"We couldn´t have been happier with you and your team´s hard work, friendly attitude, and reasonable price."
Brad, Washington, DC

"Thank you SO much for the terrific job you did moving our large amount of stuff up all those stairs on Friday. Every step of the way, from planning to packing to moving, you have been a pleasure to work with. Moving is never fun, but you all made it so much more pleasant and easy than it has ever been."
Eric, Arlington, VA

"Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful and creative help during my move. It helped me to know that you would be there to provide extra support when I couldn't break away from work, and had to change appointments due to the demands of a busy schedule. Allison's juggling of appointments, and moving times/dates were stress reducing. Her assistance with packing and unpacking helped me get lots done fast. Brendan's handling of big pieces of furniture that I imagined would not turn those corners in that narrow Capitol Hill row house was more than I bargained or paid for. While I may not be ready for a move any time soon, if that time comes, you will be the ones I call. Thank you for being delightful during a time when I wasn't always."
Myra, Washington DC

"Brendan Malley and big green moving did a great job for us. Although we were only a small move, big green moving was as responsive and reliable as if we were their most important customer. They quickly provided an estimate, responded to questions, showed up on time, and then moved us with lightning speed and no breakage. Thanks again!"
Deborah, Alexandria

who we are

Founded by Allison Carter and Brendan Malley in 2001, big green moving exists within a community. "This company is an organic part of our lives. We share with the company the same respect that we show our customers, those who work with us, and ourselves", says Brendan.

Our weekly haiku ads in the Washington City Paper give big green moving a chance to invite others to consider themselves in relation to the world. Each week we strive to better articulate one of the multitude of tiny but significant links that bind not just individuals to others and to nature, but also our business to all of these.

Led by our thoughtful and sure icon--the big green moving moose--and guided by our commitment to respect one another, we provide dependable and considerate service to our clients. Together with our clients we work to deliver successful moves that exceed expectations.

We hold ourselves to high standards. Our clients expect and receive a moving experience that reflects not just skill and efficiency but intelligence and integrity.


big green moving appreciates word-of-mouth referrals for new business and treasures its reputation for quality. We look for kindred spirits in the real estate and home services sectors.

While the list below is really small, we will add to it as we come across service providers that we can enthusiastically endorse.

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